Welcome to the Online Training Site for Seneca's Institute of Advanced Practice (SIAP).

This site hosts a variety of trainings aimed at both Seneca staff as well as community partner agencies to promote best practices in our field and spread innovative ideas with youth and families. Once you log in (link is in the upper right hand corner), you should see a list of trainings below that are available to you. If you don't see all the courses you were expecting or if you get an error message ("You cannot enroll yourself for this course"), don't despair - you can in fact enroll yourself by following these steps:

Please go to http://www.senecafoa.org/registerforclasses and log in. Once you are on the registration page with a list of courses, you will notice a tab (just under the header) that allows you to select "Online" and see courses you can register for. Once you follow the prompts, you can return to this page and you will be able to log in and the courses you are enrolled in will automatically appear for you.